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Health Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

infuse water bottle

Did you know that drinking infused water could cut your risk of cancer? You’ve probably heard about the delicious trending beverage called detox or infused water and you might have been wondering what it is all about. 

Simply put, this trendy beverage is created with a mixture of fruits and/or herbs to which they add plenty of bubbly water in order to create irresistible aromas and flavors as well as health-boosting hydration opportunities.

Learn about the health benefits of infused water and its popular recipes.

How to make Infused Water?

When making infused water, it is important that fruits, herbs, and spices are prepped correctly to ensure that they infuse correctly. Some fruits may need to be bruised or crushed while others may be sliced thinly. Herbs should also be a similar texture to what they were picked as if growing wild. Remember to use the ingredients in their whole form and not to chop them up too small otherwise, the infusion process will take much longer than expected. Use infuse water bottle so you can bring your infused water wherever you go.

Health Benefits of Infused Water

There are numerous advantages to drinking infused water over plain water including getting a boost of nutrients to help curb cravings, increasing your daily amount of necessary fluids, fighting off colds and flu, and reducing your risk for heartburn or diabetes.

Oranges are a fruity source of fiber and vitamin C, which may help prevent colds. The spicy flavor of ginger root provides anti-inflammatory effects that can lessen joint pain or inflammation, Commonly used in Indian cooking, ginger has also been shown to promote healthy digestion and fight nausea. Cucumbers are chock full of antioxidants. That’s good for you because studies have shown antioxidants reduce the risk for certain kinds of cancers and slow disease progression in those who already have cancer. Mint possesses some nutrients too, as it is rich in antioxidant flavonoids that may help reduce bowel irritation known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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